What Happing In DGCRANE

October 10, 2017
The causes excessive friction and presents solutions to the problem

Excessive Friction Rail-Gnawing Running Conditions The optimum running state of the crane is that the side of the track has a clearance of about 20 mm with the wheel flange. The wheel flange is not contacting with the track, and there is no additional resistance when the wheel is running. At this moment, the wear […]

October 24, 2016
 single double no flange wheel
Effective Tips On How To Choose The Best Flanged Crane Wheels

Choosing the right flanged crane wheels is extremely important otherwise you risk buying a crane that is vulnerable to flange wear, flange breakage and mechanical overloads characterized by spalling and pitting. Most of these wheels are constructed using high-quality steel and premium cast iron; these materials are invulnerable to premature wear and tear. Flanged crane […]